".....and no, I don't have a book store"

Posted on May 11, 2012 at 11:15 AM

So I saved one last thing to show you on the set up of your table for a used book sale. Set up, access, visual appeal and organization means a lot even in used book sales.

The last tip is to use those BEAUTIFUL and cheap moderately priced bright colored table cloths. I have gone polka dot crazy lately and had bought these new table cloths at Wal-mart to use outside by our pool this summer. I decided to leave them a little wrinkled otherwise folks might think I was a little obsessed if I showed up with a steamer and ironed them before putting them on the table for a used book sale. Besides the fact that all my curriculum was upright in ziploc bags with a page that had been printed off from Amazon, Rainbow Resource or Christian Book Store to show the retail price on one side and my price on the other side, the color aspect sets the table off from the rest. What do you think?

How did I do yesterday? I took 15 laundry baskets of curriculum and came back with 6! I couldn't be more happy.  I did asked thought if I owned a store.....uhhhh Nooooo....I just take care of my things.

Also, I was able to spend all day with my oldest son and get some 1:1 with him. What will I do when he graduates next year? If I get choked up on my words this next year I hope those of you that are just starting this homeschool journey remember to cherish the season you are in right now...Soon they will fly on their own. Be happy, don't look back for what you should have and could have it! Oh here I go.......

Back to my subject.......I loved the way the table turned out and it took us no more than 30 minutes to get in, put the table cloths down and pull the signs that I had made out of each basket. I put the signs in each basket the night before. We were ready for business.....sitting down and waiting for it to open..

Try not write your prices on masking tape on your curriculum. Like I mentioned, printing off the suggested retail prices on one side of the paper and a review about the curriculum and your asking price on the other side, folks know that you know your pricing. It will bring a good return on your investment.

On a side note, another plus of attending a book sale is to see some old time friends. Ginny and I use to serve on a  Board of Directors together and it was good to rekindle old friendships and to see how our children have grown.

Every bit of work you put into saving your curriculum, keeping it pristine and reselling is so worth the time involved. All my work is now done and I am ready for the next curriculum sale.....

Did you find any good deals at a sale or are you going to have a table? I hope you can use some of these tips to make your table stand out from the rest or grab some good deals from sellers you like.

Hugs and I was thinking about this quote today as I savored the company of my son almost man,

"Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them."

~~ Richard L. Evans~~




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