Home Management Binder + Meal Section {4 printables}

Posted on March 21, 2012 at 8:25 AM

 I have 4 forms today in three downloads. I still want to do one more form or two for this section and it is a Dinner Only Menu form. Do you want one? I will probably make it at the end of this project since I want to keep scooting along on the other sections.

Explaining why I use a dinner only form may help you to determine how you want to use a Menu Planner. In my workshops, I encourage my moms to plan only when and where they need help. Hmmm, doesn't this seem rather obvious? It does and we say that, but at times we do differently. The reason I plan only for supper is because at the end of my school day when it's most hectic here at my house, I don't want to think about supper just "do" supper. Missing ingredients and compromising on variety or on more healthier foods is kept at a minimum. {equals happy momma} Breakfast and lunch are easier meals here. They weren't at first when we started homeschooling but they are now. At first, I planned everything.

{Planning when {is it 31 days which is what I encourage my moms to do or is it 7 days?} and where {is it all 3 meals or only one?} is organized because it works for YOU!}

When you OVER do something, {even menu planning} then a form starts to consume time instead of being a time saving tip. Make sense?

A finer point to keep in mind about planning all meals is that you have a grocery list  for the week that is more complete and it keeps you budget conscious. So I made the full menu planners {all three meals} first.

I blogged  a while back about my 5 inch Recipe Binder and shared some tips there. You can read about menu planning and my binder here and here. I will have to change the cover on my Recipe Binder and share a more extensive post about it. It all needs to match my brand spanking new Home Management Binder.

On to the forms.....

I prepared the 7 day form two different ways. One has the days of the week and one just has numbers. I have a girlfriend whose husband works a shift schedule and so her week begins at a different day each week or month. It is more flexible too if you want to have variety when you menu plan.

And oh YES...{yippee} they are ALL editable. Just fill in week after week and print off or just print and fill in by hand.

Download both 7 Day Menu Planning Forms here.


Download here 31 Day Menu Planner editable.

For the 31 day menu planner, I varied the color of the days slightly because when you plan by the month, you still want to see the different weeks because you can still grocery shop by the week.

And then finally if I ever get to change out my Recipe Binder recipes and for those that are just starting one, here is a recipe page that fits a whole page. All of my recipes go into page protectors. Again, my recipes won't go into this Home Management Binder but some of you may prefer to.

Download here Recipe Page that is editable.

Here is a look at our updated Table of Contents. The projects pages are almost complete and I will be sharing those soon.

I wanted to give you a heads up on the Finances Section. I won't be using excel spreadsheets  because  wellllll....they do nothing for me. I need to feel the love when I use forms and I don't feel any love when I use them. My forms have to not only be usable but look good so I will want to use them. I know you can put pictures, etc. on spreadsheets but it's not the same when you use a publishing program.

I tend to plan long term when I set goals and this binder was one of my long term goals. I love to  plan, share freebies, do unit studies, visit and encourage the moms in our support group, prepare free lapbooks but especially organize. Homeschooling I do believe keeps us balanced otherwise I would tend to be OCD about organization.

So does anybody want to take a guess how long I have been waiting to make this Home Management Binder?

Waiting and reaching a long term goal makes it that much sweeter when you are there.

Hugs for today


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