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Posted on March 14, 2012 at 6:55 PM

I have 5 printables ready for our next section, the Housekeeping section.  Let me share a tip or two on how I go about preparing forms. One of the things I look at is  1) how organized will this form be and 2) can it be more streamline and serve multi-functions. {well it has to look pretty too}. That is how I set up these next forms. If you will notice 4 of my forms have boxes or squares on the left side of each task so they are BOTH schedules AND technically a check off list. However, I just named them Schedules instead of such a long title. Look at this first form - the Weekly Cleaning Schedule.

It is editable. So you decide which tasks you want to do on which days. {btw always save one copy unedited on your computer so you have it handy when it needs to be updated or revised}

After you fill it out, THEN, you can print it off weekly IF you need the checklist using the boxes. If you do not want to use it as a weekly checklist and only a schedule, then print off once and keep in your binder as a reference. Remember too, you don't have to use the editable forms.  I know some of you, like me, at times prefer to just hand write.

Isn't that sweet? You decide what works best for you. {give me DOUBLE POWER forms} I just want to give you a glimpse into my mad mind so that you understand I really do pore over forms when it comes to laying them out.

Download here Weekly Cleaning Schedule.

This next form is called Daily Chores - Weekly Chores.

I waffled back and forth about this form but I really wanted a form that could be used for any age child. Even though this form leans toward an older child, I tried to keep in mind our children are very young for such a short time.  I know my sons outgrew babyish looking chore charts early. Besides, there are an abundance of young child chore charts on the net. I wanted something ANY child or young adult would feel comfortable using. You could even use this each day if you wanted to.

This Daily Chores form is editable too. Same thing here, be sure to save an unedited copy on your computer before you start filling it out and especially for those of us who have multiple children. Always preserve your original. The top part is for things that need to be done every day. The bottom part is for tasks or duties that just need to be done once or twice a week. All on one page to see.

This time I labeled the boxes TO Do or DONE to make it a little more descriptive for young users.

Any adult can help a young child develop good housekeeping skills by putting down in the chart what is expected and then checking the box "To Do". Then make your child fill out  the "Done" box. As they get older, have them check the "To Do" box so they take responsibility for their actions.

Again, I look for flexibility in forms and want to use them for a long time.

One more tip for this form and really ANY form is to laminate them. Laminate the ones you will use over and over and use a dry erase marker.

Download here Daily Chores - Weekly Chores.

Onward ma'am to this next one, it is the Monthly Cleaning Schedule.

I tend to organize by the year as well, but doing it monthly. This editable forms allows you to list whatever housekeeping projects you like take care of each month OR just a few months. This is especially important to make multiple copies on your computer to have them for each month or certain months you choose to do some deep cleaning.

The date at the top of every form is important because it tells you if you updated it for the year or not, but it's especially important on this form. I have 5 weeks and then one section for just projects.

Again, this is BOTH checklist AND schedule IF you want it to be.

Download here Monthly Cleaning Schedule.

The next two forms are for the year or Spring and Fall Cleaning.

Because these forms are used less and probably not changed out as often as our Weekly, Monthly or Daily, then I prefer to simply write or fill in using my pretty scrapbooking pens and list all my chores.

The space available at the top that is blank is designed to list the ROOM. Then below that, list what you want to accomplish in each room.

I didn't want to already fill in the rooms because some of us have a basement, some of us don't. I have a garage, you may have a car port, etc. This way YOU decide which rooms you want to list and print them at the top. Then there is a place on each form for what needs to be done outside.

Download here Spring Cleaning Schedule.

Download here Fall Cleaning Schedule.

We are done with the Housekeeping section and will tackle next Meals and Projects.

Are you still with me? Are you feeling spring fever? I hope you have some pictures to share with me at the end of this project.

About the Coupon for A+TutorSoft.

Today, I will be emailing those who emailed me about receiving a coupon from A+ TutorSoft Math Program.  The coupon is $50.00 off $125.00 retail.

If you want a coupon, email me at dynamic 2 moms @ yahoo {dot} com and I will include you in the list.

{Note: I am not an affiliate of this company, nor will receive any compensation for this coupon. Just passing on what was given to me for my followers.}

About My French and Indian Lapbook coming!

By the way, I had a hiccup on my French and Indian lapbook. {a hiccup I caused} I get to be so adamant about using the best clip art I can use for our kiddos and so AGAIN I begged and pleaded to use some paintings from one artist. Just the other day I FINALLY got permission to use it. {happy dance}.  I would rather wait longer in between units and get permission then just complete it and have okay clip art.

Anyway, Yippee so I am hoping to have my unit done soon.

PHEW....I'm exhausted thinking about all of this.......ok, love ya!

Hugs today,

{As promised for those that may get behind or my newer followers, here are the links to the forms already done if you want to follow along in this project. It is the way I get things done, I plod along slowly. No getting overwhelmed allowed here.. ok, maybe a little}



Family Information Sheet

In case of emergency and evacuation checklist

Family Apparel Sheet

Apparel Guide for Wallet _ Boys

Apparel Guide for Wallet _ Girls

Medical Information Sheet for Posting at Home

Medical Card for Wallet

Contacts - Professional {doctor}

Contacts - Family

Contacts - Accounts and Passwords

Contacts - Classes, Sports and Co-ops

Contacts - Home Repair

Contacts - Home Utilties

Contacts -  Pharmacy

Contacts - Miscellaneous

Contacts - Friends


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