Review of Runkle's World Physical Geography {free geography printables}

Posted on February 21, 2012 at 9:30 PM

My voice gets hoarse this time of the year because I encourage our New Beginnings members to move away from the dark side of textbooks and step into the light of beautiful literature. However, I digress when it comes to the World Physical Geography textbook by Brenda Brewer Runkle.

Though it is more expensive than some of the other geography resources, we absolutely love it.  I figure my costs this way. Since I am using it for three children, I take the price and divide by 3. {even if you pay GeoMatters price of $68.00 that is $26.00 per child per year BUT you have a resource you can use again for another year or more for two or more children.}

It is for grades 7th  - 12th,  but I find a lot of facts that can be easily explained to my 5th grader.

One reason I chose Runkle Geography is because I am targeting my older children. But I wanted a text I could keep for a few years too.

 Don't you like it when you can look inside a book? Here is one pic. Each page is different but it has several different  teaching boxes like this throughout the book. This series also has a student workbook that we will be getting soon. I didn't get the student workbook because I really don't need help like that anymore. Now, I am curious about what the student workbook has in it since we like this book so much.

At times some Teacher's Manuals seem completely useless but I like this one. Besides having all the answers to the review questions, it has the vocabulary definition, answers to each lesson, and not only test answers BUT questions. It is even tempting to not buy the student workbook because in a pinch you could just use the questions/answers from the teacher's manual. But I love curriculum so I'm getting the student workbook.

This is what I like about it most:

  • Full of hands on activities. {yep lots of them}
  • The fun facts, critical thinking and teaching boxes allows my older sons to move on to more complicated topics if they choose.
  • Key vocabulary words are in the margin as you use them in the text.
  • The pictures and oodles of maps are so colorful and beautiful.
  • I buy two teacher's manuals, one for me and one for my older set of boys since it's useful.
  • The quality of the text is superior.

It is 263 pages plus a Glossary and has 13 chapters Do you want the chapter titles? I always do.

Ch. 1 Our planet Earth {4 Lessons}

Ch. 2 Maps and their use {3 lessons}

Ch. 3 Latitude and Climate {3 lessons}

Ch. 4 Prime Time Longitude {3 lessons}

Ch. 5 Journey to the Center of the Earth - The Lithosphere { 2 lessons}

Ch. 6 Mountain Building {3 lessons}

Ch. 7 The Hydrosphere {3 lessons}

Ch. 8 The Importance of Water {3 lessons}

Ch. 9 Waterways and Trade {4 lessons}

Ch. 10 Roles of Rivers {2 lessons}

Ch. 11 Rivers of Ice {2 lessons}

Ch. 12 The Atmosphere {5 lessons}

Ch. 13 The Biosphere {4 lessons}

Do you know your butte from your isthmus? At the very front of the text it has physical land form pictures with their names as a reference. So I created these land form fact cards that helps any age be able to memorize the physical landforms.

Print them, fold in half and laminate.  I put mine on an O ring for storing or taking with us.

Download geography fact cards here.

We can't get enough of geography with this text and I know we will be expanding on some of the topics. Do you have a favorite geography resource?

Hugs today.

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