Words Matter

Posted on January 23, 2012 at 9:20 PM

When you think you have to tell somebody you love good bye, words matter. My husband had a heart attack this past Wednesday. I debated about how to start off this blog post as that topic is so off topic of what I thought I would be blogging about today. {too my new followers are now just getting to know me}

People who know me personally know I am a much more face to face, loud talking, animated, hands on touchy person who loves interaction with people.

This week however I am reminded of the power of words.

{ How do I convey a measure of my deep abiding love to my husband while he was going through this trial?}

Because I could not get to my husband fast enough, I had to text what words I wanted him to know after realizing he was suffering a major heart attack. At first all I could think of was that heart attacks are not suppose to happen to people who are in their late 40's and take care of themselves. {you know I had always conjured up in my mind some couch potato but I really knew deep down that heart disease can strike anyone}

Thoughts like that flee quickly as you come back to reality. Words matter when you think you are going to lose someone you love. What do I say? How do I choose my words so they bring him comfort and give him hope as he is transported by emergency into the operating room knowing I am still an hour and half away? Words matter.

Do words have the power to show the tears streaming down my face as my sons and I rush to be by his side? If I whisper through words "I love you" and " you are my world", will that give him the strength he needs to undergo a heart procedure? Why do I feel like we have lead in our feet and everything happens in slow motion because we can't move fast enough? Words matter. Do the words "I love you" carry more weight and meaning at a time like that than other times? They shouldn't.

{Once again, I am reminded of the fragility of life and my priorities.}

My heart turns toward a positive and uplifting spirit as he comes out of the procedure alive and depending on stints now to help his heart. I am forever grateful for the excellent heart doctors in Houston, Texas.

Words matter because how else would people know what a wonderful father, caring husband and Christian my husband is. No, this is not how I planned to start off 2012. It is similar to how 2011 started off with my sister in ICU, but you know life is not fair BUT life IS sweet and it is precious.

From my grateful and overfilled heart  today,

{I have more printables that I will be sending out soon but have had to pause to give my thanks for his life. Life is beautiful.}

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