My Free Winter Lapbook Ready :o)

Posted on January 17, 2012 at 7:00 PM

When I started this lapbook, the weather here in Texas was in the 30's {that's cold for us} but today it was 73 degrees. Oh well, at least I will feel like it is cold when I look at this lapbook.

Also, on this same page on the site, I created some winter notebook pages I had blogged about earlier.

I have a secret I have been keeping and will have to let you in on it next week as I have been spending a majority of my time getting ready for this event {secret}.

Also, I have two curriculum reviews coming up. I like taking my time reviewing new products because I like to pore over them.

Click here to go to my site to grab the new Winter Lapbook and Notebooking Pages.

The other day  I was talking to a new homeschooler who wanted the approval of her family as she embarked on her homeschool journey.  The problem is her extended family is not supportive of her and her husband's decision to homeschool. She still wanted their advice. {mmmm}

Having your extended family's support is something we all want, but don't all get. Worse yet, not IF but WHEN she hits a brick wall, the advice given by somebody that does not understand our day to day struggle will not be of much value.

{Stick  together  homeschoolers - we need each other!}

Hugs today and in talking to that new homeschooler it reminds of this quote 

{just had to share this beautiful pic of a snow owl..makes me pine for snow}

  "Never take the advice of someone who has not had your kind of trouble."

~Sidney J. Harris~

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