Part 3 & 4 What is your learning style - Perfect Paula or Sociable Sue?;6th Download to my More than a Timeline Notebook

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When I started homeschooling and even to this day I still have not figured out why personality test takers will use animals to represent their different learning styles. I guess I have not studied animals enough to find the similarities.

I just can't imagine anybody I am teaching a workshop to be excited to be called a Golden Retriever or Otter. So I am glad that Cathy Duffy uses terms we can picture for preferred learning styles  like Perfect Paula and Sociable Sue.

Why is it important to know learning styles? Because you can't make good decisions about curriculum, routines or even a place to school if you are constantly head butting. By being informed about our children's learning style and why we prefer one subject over another we won't be so curriculum driven or focused, we can start thinking like a teacher. This means we realize that we are teaching a child, not a curriculum.

I am giving you two parts today since I didn't get to an article last week.

My next article on this topic will be on actual teaching tips to help each personality.

 This first personality is Perfect Paula.

Does this describe you or your child?

Responsible, dependable, organized and likes the details

 likes rules and predictability

has a sense of duty and service

Some favorite subjects would be:

History, Science, Business, Geography

Preferred way of teaching:

Likes obedient students and has well established routines. Wants to develop her child's sense of usefulness in society. Typically a firm disciplinarian and acts as a good role model for her children. Also likes demonstrations, quizzes and memory work

Struggles to focus on:

Can use too many details and or words and can lose their child while teaching; Does not like unplanned events and has a hard time adjusting to something new; Does not like to be creative but prefers to follow something already created.

Sociable Sue

Does this describe you or your child?

group oriented, interactive and communicative

people oriented

wants to make a difference in the world

values opinions and feelings of others

hypersensitive to conflict


Some favorite subjects would be:

Humanities, Theater, Music, Languages

Preferred way of teaching:

Usually very compassionate and has personal charisma. She is concerned about the welfare of her children and is also concerned with the underlying values of her curriculum. Very creative and gets impatient with something laid out and prefers to create it herself.

 Struggles to focus on:

Can be unrealistic in her expectations and perhaps be a bit of a day dreamer. Also avoids details or lacks follow through. Can perhaps jump from curriculum to curriculum to find the "perfect" one.

If you missed the other two learning styles go, here they are. ( I blogged about all 4)

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How about the final part to the "actual timeline"? I still have more cover sheets and divider sheets to share but this is the 4th section of the timeline. I have shared the Ancient, Medieval - Early Renaissance, Renaissance - Early Modern and now Modern.

The Modern Timeline Pages are divided into 10 year increments.


You can download here the timeline above that has less boxes and more room for drawing or gluing clipart.

You can download here the timeline above that has more boxes for smaller pictures and lines for more writing.

Hugs for today and I'll leave you with another one of Todd Wilsons cartoons....



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