31 Day Homeschool Boot Camp


Tina created this boot camp because it is her heart's desire that any new or struggling homeschooler obtain some training as they embark on this daunting, but amazing journey of homeschooling.

By taking time to educate yourself instead of focusing only on curriculum for your children it will help you to avoid the pitfalls common to first year homeschoolers.

We hope that at the end of this boot camp or throughout the boot camp, you watch our workshops that average 2 hours long and are chock full of teaching tips. Along with our visual web workshops you receive our downloadable comprehensive outlines that average about 20 pages and our downloadable mp3 audio workshop files. These downloads will serve as  references for you to use in the years to come.

There is no way in one blog boot camp that Tina will be able to share all that she has shared throughout her many years of personally helping new homeschoolers, but she sure does try.

Also though, she wanted to help smooth the path of new homeschoolers for their new homeschool beginnings. So not only does she offer this boot camp free, but we have a free 2 hour workshop along with a comprehensive outline for you to download. Click here to  view: "Here We Go" and grab your outline.

If you are interested in viewing our workshops right away, you can click here to go to our e-store. 

We hope you enjoy the boot camp,

Kelley and Tina

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Enjoy this boot camp when you don't know where to begin...


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