Who are we anyway? Top 19 Questions

{Just a couple of Texas girls helping homeschoolers everywhere!}

Because we might not always have time to answer every email or comment, we want to share some frequently asked questions about us.

Why only the top 19? Read on.

1.Why did you choose the name Dynamic2Moms? Are y'all really that dynamic? Uhmm, not really. To understand the dynamic part you have to understand what is not so dynamic. We are ordinary southern Texas girls who share a love of homeschooling, family and Bible. So what is so dynamic about that ? Not anything really but our life long friendship. We value that. We grew up around the street from each other and got married to some great guys around the same time. Can you believe we were even pregnant at the same time? Now we are homeschooling our children at the same time. Yes, we have a lifelong friendship and that carries into our every day and even here blogging.

2. How many kids do y'all have? Tina has 3 boys and Kelley has one girl.

3. How old are y'all anyway? Past being a teen - some days we feel really old. Most days we can keep up with our teens. It's our coffee....

4. How long have ya'll been married to your great wonderful husbands? We both hit the big 20 a few years back. 

5. How long have you been homeschooling? What rocks your day?

Kelley has homeschooled her teen from birth. Tina too but sent her oldest son to Kindergarten in public school because she had a momentary lapse of complete failure as a homeschool mom but now he is now doing high school.

Guess what? He has turned out okay, I didn't damage the poor guy. The other two boys never went to public school but they have asked recently does a trip to "check out" public school count as a field trip?

Passionate about teaching our children, homeschooling, lighting a fire under anybody that desires to homeschool and living Godly lives rocks our world. Add in unit studies, lapbooking and organization we can hardly stand it. If we have to re-invent the wheel when it comes to teaching our children or finding the "perfect" resource, we will reinvent the wheel.

Though we enjoy blogging and sharing our freebies, our first "love" is New Bee Homeschooler.

6. Who mostly blogs here? Tina is normally the mouth here. Tina here: I have never lacked for words my whole life. I tend to be on the animated delivery side when I speak. Is that a nice way of saying I am the loud one that talks fast? Kelley here: Being the mother of an only they have a set of circumstances uniquely their own. It is not as easy as most people would think to homeschool an only. Moms UNITE of onlys! but I am the strong silent type. Let me know how I can help you to stay on this path that is not so easy. I may blog a post now and again but unlike Tina I like to be in the background. See me fading....fading........

7. Do you just blog and homeschool? Isn't that enough. No, we don't. Sometimes our blog posts will be shorter but none the less full of love for you.

We are Co-Founders of New Bee Homeschooler a New Beginnings for YOU when you don't know where to begin and we lead a homeschool group here in Texas that is private. (That means it's big enough for us to handle so we hardly add members anymore.)

8. What is New Bee Homeschooler and how much of your time does that take up?

They are generally new homeschoolers. We have members from all over, different states and even countries. That is normally our first priority for the day after our family because they need a lot of love. You remember how it was when you first started? So worried about tests, being behind (not sure who it was we were afraid of being behind), failing our kids, not graduating, socializing and trying to get organized.

So we wrote a program based on our many years of helping homeschoolers. We are humbled that it can help others.

New Bee Homeschooler takes up a good amount of time, but we try to set priorities. 

9. What do ya'll do in your homeschool group? Well we plan field trips each month from August to April and also plan a yearly co-op. That is the reason for this blog. Because we love our huge group of families in our support group and because sometimes we would choose topics each year that were at times hard to find free material for, Tina started creating lapbooks that were topic specific to our group. Then we would share via the website.

10. What approach do you use in homeschooling? Anyone we like. Okay seriously Tina here: I tend to be more unit study and I love do love history, grammar, geography, lapbooks and reading. Kelley here: I am the same and tend to be eclectic in my approach. We both don?t have problems throwing in textbooks or worksheets when needed. Our lapbooks are just more enrichment.

It was much different when we started as we both were following the trivium in the Classical approach. But now we both tend to be more eclectic with somewhat of a Charlotte Mason approach for the history and narration but utilizing the method of unit studies for multiple ages of children.

11. What subjects do you like to talk about in your blogging? Well, let me see Kelley or myself either one don?t consider ourselves the crafty duo. We would rather follow some of you crafty chicks out there or share with ya'll some crafts we find. Although we have been told lapbooks are crafty, we feel they are really a product of love. Organization is at the top or our list.

Yes, we love organization and that is why we share our organizational forms and curriculum planner for free on our New Bee Homeschooler site. We have had a lot of experience in working with Leaders and leading groups, planning field trips and co-ops. Any of you need help like that?

Mostly, we love history, organizational tips, geography, free curriculum, unit studies and sharing tidbits on how to do all that. In between tidbits we share, we will share freebies we find from things needed for your home to school to family and throwing in our printables too. We like to share pictures from time to time of the freebies we get. And no we are not the frugal dynamic duo either. We dabble in it too but try to keep our focus on our New Bee moms who need us. If you find a good freebie, share it for all of us.

12. What do ya'll do in the summer? Mostly get ready for homeschool summer conventions. Tina here: Tina speaks at conventions and well without Kelley heading it all up and being sure all of the details are taken care of, I couldn?t enjoy it as much as I do. I am not sure if we can do other conventions, we can hardly speak after that one because our voice is so hoarse from talking to all of you that came by the booth.

13. Does that mean you will break from blogging from time to time?

Yes, sometimes we don?t even know when we will break. We both have husbands that run their own businesses and so one day they tell us they are ready for vacation and the next day they want to leave.

Also because we work through the summer to get New Beginnings vamped up for the school year, plan our field trips during the summer and get the co-op ready for the school year, come November we are tired. We are ready for a much needed break and to be with our families.

Look for us to take a breather during November and December. Don?t worry we normally come back.

14. How did we create this blog header? Well we use our own pictures that we purchased for that.  I am sure we will be adding some bling from time to time because well we are girly girls. Don?t get shocked if you visit our home page and it?s all moved around. Our need to organize and find a better method keeps us changing it until we find a layout we can live with.

15. What is our favorite color? Well we both love purple. So why didn't we use it on this blog? Well we have it all over our program/material for New Bee Homeschooler and our New Bee Homeschooler site. We could stand more of it, but not sure if ya?ll could.

16. Are you on facebook? Well not personally. But we were for New Bee Homeschooler for a number of years but have switched to Google+ and Twitter.

17. Are you on Google+1? Yes.You can add us by going to the side bar.

18. Can we use your pictures and link to your posts? Since we have the field trip group, we maintain a paid clip art account and so a lot of it is copyright to use just on our site. You receive the benefit of that in our printables. Also some clipart we have obtained permission to share.

We would love to give you permission for each picture but we would have to know which ones. If you need a picture, just ask. [email us if you aren't for sure: newbeehomeschooler {at} yahoo {dot} com]. We would rather not get any of you in trouble for clip art we got permission to use but not pass on.

Posting pictures of our printables or completed lapbooks is fine though as it is a ?group? and not just the picture itself. Does that make sense?

Linking to our posts is fine or even ?republishing? it if you want to but be sure you give credit like we will for you too.

19. What will y'all be sharing on this blog? Well we like freebies of ALL kinds. Curriculum links, free printables we find and also sharing our free printables. Because we like to plod along in creating our units we normally will share all of them here first before we have time to release them on the site.

And yes, once in a while we will throw in some tidbits here and there of our homeschooling experiences if you want us too. We needed a place to share also for our field trips and things we like or don?t like about curriculum. We have homeschooling graduation parties to plan, do you want to be in on that from the planning stages? And yes we schooled the toddler ages and taught our children to read so there is something here for everybody.

We had to have two blogs so we don?t overwhelm anybody with what we could blog about. We will try to keep this one light and short and share more comprehensive articles on our New Beginnings site but do it less often over there as most new homeschoolers can get overwhelmed easy.

Did you get all of that? Do we really need question 20?

We are glad you are here and hoped you enjoyed reading about our dynamic life!


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