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Products reviewed by us are organized below into 2 separate categories. Click on the picture.

Content Subjects & Unique Items
 Content subjects {history, science, art,etc.}  that do not matter in what order you cover them {mostly} and unique products below here.

ARTistic Pursuits
Middle School 6-8; Book One - The Elements of Art and Composition {3rd Edition}

EEME Genius Light
Hands-on projects teach kids about electronics

Harmony Fine Arts.
Grade 7 & 8  by Barb McCoy

Great Empires Activity Study
by Home School In The Woods Publishing

Notebooking Success by Jimmie Lanley Notebooking Fairy

Schoolhouse Teachers by The Homeschool Magazine{TOS}

 How to Teach About Electricity for Ages 8 - 13 by Susan Kilbride

Supercharged Science E-Science Program

Science Vocabulary Pictures, Set 1 by Lone Star Learning

Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers & Teachers by Susan Kilbride

Skill Subjects or the 3 R's
 Reading, Writing & Arithmetic or core products of a program below here.

The Power in Your Hands: Writing NonFiction in High School by Writing with Sharon Watson

Our America Series . . .
By Susan Kilbride
Book 1. The Pilgrim Adventure
Book 2. The King Philip's War Adventure

The Art of Poetry Grades 6 to Highschool by Classical Academic Press

A+ TutorSoft CD 4th Grade Math Program

Essentials in Writing, Grade 11, Essay Writing Research Paper

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