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Blog Planner Or General Planner if you don't blog.

Life story of my Blog Planner

I blogged about the life story of my blog planner because it is real similar to the story of a lot of my printables. I may take MONTHS using them and changing them before I share with you because I like perfection for you to be able to actually use them. It took me 8 months before I decided the lay out of my blog planner. Obsessed I am telling you.

I created my blog planner for the 2012 - 2013 year along the same time I created my curriculum planner for the school year.

I now realize that I prefer to spend time making and creating printables for the curriculum planner at the beginning of the school year and I would like to focus on the blog planner with the physical year. This way I can be obsessed year around with organizing and planners. 

Truthfully, it will help me to plan my printables better after I have started my school year.

You have to love that about organizing, you can change anytime you need to and redefine your system. So now I will create my blog planner to go with the physical year.

Here is the free 2013 Blog Planner. Now remember, I don't create freebies that only 2 people can use. Don't ever let a good freebie go to waste is what I always say. So I created a cover to use for a general planner too so you can use if you don't blog.

As a reminder, here are a few pointers of how best to use my planner.

  • I don't blog everyday {do you really have time to read every day?} so my planner has a space for you to blog 4x a week plus one extra space if you need it. It can be for notes or you can put a 5th day on there. If you are using it as a general planner, then use it for something you do at least 4 or maybe 5 times a week.
  • It is NOT dated or a calendar. This allows NO wasted space. Simple fill in the day you blog and use the next box. There are 5 sections for 5 weeks labeled Week 1, Week 2, and etc.
  • The two page spread can be used over again each year.
  • Because everybody likes to track differently, it allows you to fill in what you track. Some bloggers want a check off area if they sent their posts to twitter. Others like me, my feed automatically goes to twitter {one less thing for me to do} so I don't want a check box for that. Some bloggers are more analytical {clear throat here, not me} and want to track analysis. I know some months I track different things. So the page is very flexible by allowing you to fill in each month with what you want to track.
  • A NEW page this year that I am excited about is Printables by Month.

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