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Posted on February 17, 2012 at 4:55 PM

 {crazy person here who has a love thing for binders. I take pictures when I visit Office Max so I have a visual of the colors. ~INSANE~}

Did you have a chance to choose your binder color?  First step was to choose a binder. {preferably a 3" binder.} The 1" binder looks beautiful right? But honestly we are going to use this baby and we need room to grow.

I will not send every part or printable as quickly because we will need more time to fill out the forms, decluttter junk and add them to our binder for some of these forms. But for this next printable I think we are ready.

So I added how I brainstorming the categories or sections here so you can see. This will guide us to what forms we need to prepare. Right now, we don't want to prepare the final copy of the  table of contents or contents page because if we do and revise it, and revise it and revise it...... {revise + revise = not organized}

Here is how I am approaching this project so that energy is not wasted:

Brainstorm first  >  create documents, purge and organize documents to fit in binder  >  fill out content page with created forms  > review to see if we need more forms  > finalize  > jump up and down happy..

Look over these categories...

Can you think of anything else that you want in your binder that may not come under one of these general categories?  If we do we can always add one but this gives us a direction to plan for what we want in it.

Let's tackle the first section of our binder which is"About Us" or our family. If you think about it, this section can have a variety of printables and can cover not only all the personal information but also  medical history, keep current clothes size, shoe size, and those kind of details here.

The next form is the family information sheet and it is editable. I think it's important that other people be able to read it in case of an emergency.  Not all of the forms will be editable because they don't need to be. Also, you can fill out the form in your pretty handwriting if you choose to instead of typing it in.

Tip on how to use it: The brown box on the right side of the form is to add any extra details that may be important to finding your home. For example, when I lived in the country we always had to give the County Road before our house.

Now that I live in town, we have a gate code to our subdivision. By putting the gate code in the box, my kids will not forget or better yet my husband or even a babysitter.

Also it could be the name of your apartment complex or mobile home park  {nearest harbor..ok ok} or any other special details to finding your home or about your home that you want people to know in the case of an emergency.

Download the 3 page information sheet  here and fill it out. Put in the page protectors.

{take your time  -  I won't rush ya with the next blog post}

{This section will be all the previous links in case you get behind, got you covered if you get bogged down}

Binder Cover Click Here.

I don't know about you, but  I am so EXCITED about starting this project. It made me think of how many people don't enjoy what they are doing and it made think about this.....

{"To love what you do and feel that it matters -- how could anything be more fun?"}

~ Katharine Graham~

How much do you enjoy it?

Hugs for today,

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