Back for your Planner, Student and Preschool Progress Report and Kindergarten Evaluation

Posted on December 30, 2011 at 5:50 PM

I can't help myself. {must organize}

I have forms that have been on my "to do" list since the start of this school year and they have been "calling to me" to finalize. I had spent an extra amount of time, more than I normally do with my lovely New Bees {which I soak up every bit and thoroughly savor} because they needed it this year and so now you are receiving the products of all this pent-up organizing fever. {fever is still high}

I was wondering too how long do you wait until you bind your planner? This sounds so opposite of my crazed organizing mood right now but I wait a week or longer before I bind. I won't rush to bind as I want to be sure I have everything I want in it and placed where I want it at.

Because of that, this year on my back cover I wanted some homeschool quotes as inspiration. So on one side of my back cover I have pictures and the other side I will have the back cover pictured above with quotes.

Download the back cover here.

Tip: Remember your laminating needs to go past the edge of the paper so printing your pictures and any back cover can be printed to the very edge as it will not interfere with the binding.

Sometimes I just have a plain back cover but it really is a waste.

About the Student Monthly Progress Report. This report was designed to be used from K to 12th as I kept it very general in comments. A progress report is just that progress so you can gauge. These progress reports can go in your Student's Planner at the end of each month.

Too, if you still divide your planner out by 30 lessons (to correspond with months) then you can put some of these at the end of your monthly section.

Myself? I don't like to divide by 30 days as I have done it that many, many years and always felt behind if we got off track. We are not behind and I won't have my planner saying so. We are just living life.

I prefer a separate section for "Monthly Calendar/Appointments" and for "Progress Reports". So these sheets will be a separate tab in my planner marked "Progress Reports".

Download Student Monthly Progress Report

I realize too that so many are beginning their journey without every attending public school and it is scary.

At that time I too wanted some kind of gauge to measure by to see if my son was on target. So the next two forms are a Preschool Progress Report and a Kindergarten Evaluation Report.

About the Preschool Progress Report. This report is monthly and will guide you to see what also needs to be included as you introduce your precious baby to learning. There is a key at the top to help with grading as I realize some of you too have to turn in progress reports.

About the Kindergarten Evaluation Report. Because Kindergarten is really the grade we feel that we are "formally" schooling, I provided a way to evaluate Kindergarten. This form I used BEFORE my sons entered Kindergarten but it also good to do in the middle or end to see where your child is along in his development.

Download Preschool Progress Report here.

Download Kindergarten Evaluation Report here.

You can take comfort if you find that your child is ahead in most of these skills. We need that reassurance and realize we can relax and enjoy these tender years.

I was looking back this morning on each of my son's progress and my comments at that age and I am an old sap and tears came. When you see the blessing of your hard work, it is very satisfying.  Chart your progress and comment about your fears, then we'll cry happy tears together as our children progress.

At this time of the year, when it's the end of the year, I tend to be more emotional as we go into another year of homeschooling.

I am thankful to be able to continue into this next year.

By the way, these forms are not on the site yet. For my newer followers, ya'll always get my forms first then I eventually upload to the site. So be sure to download from this blog post if you want them.

Hugs to you,

My quote for today as I reflect on another homeschool year that has past and look forward to the new year and share this beautiful winter wonderland with you,

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”

~Dr. Seuss~

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