Tips for New Homeschoolers on How To Teach Composition

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Seasoned homeschoolers speak of penmanship, copywork and composition and it can be quite confusing to understand the purpose of each when you are a new homeschooler.

Penmanship is learning how to write and form letters, while composition is composing or crafting sentences to ...

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Dynamic Reader Question: Tips for Teaching a Young Writer to Take his Ideas from a Trickle to a Waterfall

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 Hi Tina, I really enjoy reading your emails. This is my first year home schooling and you've really helped a lot. My son is 9 & is now enjoying learning. He loves being home schooled also. I do have a question tho and hope you can help me. When doing projects with my son. He has a lot of ideas. Or when he learns something & it gets his interest sparked. We have really great discussions. But when asked to put those ideas on paper and summarize ...

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5 Days of A #Homeschooling Co-op Convert - Day 3: Coordinating the Co-op

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Nobody wants to read about a boring co-op much less attend one. A this point in the co-op process, you need to coordinate it so that all your hard work pays off. Attention needs to be given to the details and I have some tidbits to help you.

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5 Days of A #Homeschooling Co-op Convert - Day 2:What are the basics?

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Co-ops vary in style from place to place and even in the same city. There are no set guidelines and the very basic meaning is that more than one family meets together for a set period.  That's it. However, that is not all there is to a fu...

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5 Day Series: A Fresh Start - Homeschooling Mid-Year & Thriving: Day 4 - At Home Homeschooler

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Socialization, curriculum, record keeping, homeschooling high school and preschool preparedness are some of our secret homeschool fears.  Trying to only satisfy requirements and produce proof instead of...

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