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We are so glad you found New Bee Homeschooler.

New Bee Homeschooler was formed by two homeschooling moms who have over 20 years combined experience between them. Each mom has a soft place in her heart for New Bees since we did not have support as a new educator when we started homeschooling.So our product is a work of our heart.

Like you, we are moms with a limited amount of time to find out all the “ins” and “outs” of homeschooling that we can. We hoped that by creating New Bee Homeschooler, we can fast-forward you down the homeschooling road with five or more years worth of experience. But more than that, hopefully you can avoid some of the pitfalls we encountered. 

It is our desire that your first year of homeschooling be a memorable one for the right reason.

Each workshop and outline is prepared in such a manner so that you have more than enough space to jot down your hand written notes in between lines. While the workshop is being conducted, please bear with Tina as her outlines are twice as big as yours. Her outlines contain our words of wisdom as well as contain reflections of her own individual experience that she feels committed to share. So we don’t want you to miss those added tidbits.

Too, in our many years of working with New Bees, we know you have concerns now; probably the biggest one is curriculum. But we want to assure you that homeschooling is so much more than choosing curriculum. The workshop topics are arranged in such an order as we feel you will encounter them in your new journey.

At the end of the program we will have done our jobs well if we have directed you so that you can find the answers you need.

Enjoy the journey. Jot down notes, take pictures and breathe!


Tina Robertson

Kelley Williams

                "Not Just for New Homeschoolers"                We have something for all home educators!!

What is Our New Bee Homeschooler Curriculum?

Our program is a curriculum designed to help New Bee homeschoolers navigate the beginning of their homeschool journey.

We also designed the curriculum in a way that will benefit struggling homeschool parents to take a step back and see what changes in their journey may be needed.

Of course veteran homeschoolers have benefited from our curriculum as well, either for encouragement, as a refresher when those little ones come along and even for preparing for high school now that they have a teen.

Hundreds of panic stricken new homeschoolers begin their school year with such high hopes and vision only to fall victim to burn out and weariness. Then they are overcome with doubt, fear and lack of progress in their first attempts to homeschool. It is normal to feel panic stricken, weary and afraid. Grabbing support for YOU for the journey however, will energize you and help you stay  the course.

Let us help you to navigate this unknown territory - New Bee Homeschooler is unique because we help YOU the homeschooling parent.


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Homeschool Transcripts

You can watch a free video presentation on High School grades, credits and transcripts from The HomeScholar HERE.
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